Hello everyone! I'm a portuguese visual artist, mostly a passionate collage maker! I've been developing several projects with different media such as old photography, postcards, collage on canvas and animation. I'm stunned by old vintage photography from the XX century, especially the 50's. The pictures seam so theatrical, so magical and that strikes me.

My main concerns are about bringing up some world’s issues content and personal experiences. I seek out the relation in between the images. And while so I develop surrealist compositions in order to enter our unconscious. It’s all about solving a puzzle nutcracker! Collage it’s an image gameplay and the combinations within the pictures are infinite.

Mariana Braga Mizarela (Oporto, 1987)
Lives and works in Barcelona


2011/2014 — Master’s Degree in Illustration, Institute of Education and Science of Lisbon (ISEC)

2007/2010— Degree in Fine Arts, “Escola Superior Artística do Porto” (ESAP)

2008— Summer Course Character Design for Animation, University of the Arts London, Saint Martins School


2020—Collective exhibition "EXP.20" International  Festival on Experimental Photography, Civic Center Pati Llimona, (Barcelona)

2019— Collective exhibition " Prata da Casa", Faculdade Belas Artes do Porto (fine arts school) , (Oporto)

2019— Collective exhibition "Estórias do Acervo", Social and Cultural Center Vila Praia da Âncora, (Viana do Castelo)

2019— Collective exhibition "Coll2", Center of Art Mutuo , (Barcelona)

2019— Solo exhibition " The Swimmers", Weed You, (Barcelona)

2019 — Collective exhibition "Mapping Echoes", Sydhavn Station, (Copenhagen)

2019 — Collective exhibition " Prata da Casa", Festival Sem Medos, (Lisbon)

2019 — Collective exhibition "Cruixent", Espronceda, Center of Art and Culture, (Barcelona)

2019 — Collective exhibition "Call for Papers", Zet.gallery (Braga)

2018 — Bienal de Cerveira 2018 – work exhibited and catalogued, (Vila Nova de Cerveira)

2018 — Collective project Urban Intervention “O Rei Cervo”, Bienal de Cerveira, (Vila Nova de Cerveira)

2017 — “Sublime Art Fest”Illustration Market, Sant Antoni, (Barcelona)

2016 — "Spamdart"- Art and Design Market in Centro Cultural Roca Umbert (Granollers)

2015 — Selected artist for “Souldmade” Art Market CCCB, (Barcelona)

2014 — Art fair Art Madrid’14Cibeles – Gallery Bat Alberto Cornejo, (Madrid)

2013 — Untitled BCN, “LaDinamitera”, Feminine Creation Festival, (Barcelona)

2013— “Untitled”,Round the Corner, (Lisbon)

2013— “Reflexión”, Center of Art Mutuo, (Barcelona )

2012 — “Royal Flush by ArtinPark”, Casino de Lisboa, (Lisbon)

2012 — Solo exhibition “Outrora”, Center of Art Mutuo,(Barcelona)


2018 — Artist residency —Ceramic and painting project "Os objetos que choram"  at Bienal de Cerveira (Portugal)

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